Terms & Conditions

Name of Business + Logo

The name Faith + Grace Clothing was carefully chosen through prayer and thoughtful consideration of what I want my brand to portray and the deep feelings I have about motherhood. The logos I use have been created by a local designer friend and the rights of those logos belong to Faith + Grace Clothing and should only be used by my website, marketing, and social media outlets, unless you have received written permission to use them for your publication. 


Images + Models

I take a lot of pride in the images I use on my website and social media outlets and have hired an amazing photography team to take those images, therefore the rights of those images belong solely to Faith + Grace Clothing. I would absolutely love for you to write and share about my business and would love for you to use these images when speaking about my business to uphold the brand I am portraying. If you want to write about Faith + Grace Clothing on your blog and share our images, please contact me for written permission and access to the Faith + Grace Clothing press kit designed for you to make your article informed and inline with my brands intentions and the heart behind it. 
The models in the images are unpaid daughters of friends + family. At this time I do not offer a brand ambassador program. However, if you own a blog, magazine or have a large Instagram following, I would love to talk to you about collaborating! Please contact me here. 


Designs + Patterns

The Faith + Grace collection is made up of original designs and patterns drafted by the maker. The rights to those designs and patterns belong to Faith + Grace Clothing. The fabric prints are not original as I purchase materials from local fabric shops that order their fabrics from manufacturing mills and the rights of the prints belong to those companies. 


Fabric + Notions

I am passionate about creating quality pieces for Faith + Grace Clothing. I carefully select prints and materials that will fit the image of my brand. I love using fabric and notions that are natural as my pieces are inspired by nature itself, therefore I use only cotton/linen material, cotton thread and wood buttons for my designs. At this time I do not offer pieces made from organic cotton, but I am looking into that option out of concern for the environment.  I am passionate about ethical fashion and trying to choose fabric and packaging that will make my brand as ethical as possible, therefore some of those materials may be upcycled from recycled materials. 


Wholesale + Selling

Because I am a mom that creates these pieces out of my love for sewing and creating for children and hand make the collection as a part of my "me-time", I am not looking to fulfill large wholesale orders simply because I need to put my family first and spend as much time at home with my babies as possible. If you are a shop that would be interested in carrying the Faith + Grace Clothing line for your customers, I would love to discuss selling on a smaller scale that would fit my business model. I am specifically looking to build great work relationships with shops that offer one-of-a-kind handmade pieces for children. 


Your Privacy

I value your privacy and am honored that you entrusted me with your private information when you placed an order. I will never share your email, phone number, or shipping address to another company. If you make a purchase with Faith + Grace Clothing, you will automatically be added to my mailing list to receive emails I think you would be interested in about upcoming Faith + Grace sales, events, and new products. If you do not want to receive these emails, there is an opt-out option in every email. 
I would absolutely love for you to share your images with me to share on my social media sites. If you share your images with Faith + Grace Clothing, I will only use them with your permission to represent my brand and will give you and/or the photographer credit for those images. Please tag your images with @faithandgraceclothing on Instagram or @faithandgraceclothingco on Facebook and the #faithandgraceclothing, 


Questions or Comments?

If there is a question on your mind not answered on my website or you want to offer me a suggestion or voice a concern, please contact me here. I appreciate your feedback and I am thankful that you are visiting my shop.