I stood looking in the mirror with tears in my eyes after having our second baby. It was the fourth outfit I put on that morning and I still didn't feel comfortable with how my postpartum body looked in it. My husband tried to console me on with encouragement that it's only been a couple months and that this outfit and all the previous outfits looked fine. I went to store after store looking for just a few more pieces to get me through the awkward transitional phase between maternity wear and my pre-pregnancy wardrobe. I seemed to have a wardrobe for every size but still had "nothing to wear." 

"What if I design a capsule wardrobe that would transition with my body through each phase of motherhood?" I asked and that's where it all started. Faith and Grace Clothing is a collection made by the hands of mothers for mothers in natural fibers designed to give you confidence through early pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. I believe motherhood is hard, getting dress shouldn't be.  Becoming a mother is beautiful and the body that comes with it is an honor, not a burden. Your clothing shouldn't make you feel anything less than amazing.