Finding Time for Quality Time

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Words by Sara Homm; Image by Christi Stoner

I'm sure we all can agree that life with children is busy.  As a new mama to my second baby, I am currently struggling with finding the time to spend quality time with both my babies.  I find myself constantly trying to balance my time with God,  my 2 month old, my 2 year old, my husband, the housework, the farm work, oh...and did I mention take time for myself?  It is hard!  I am sure every mama can agree that we need more time in the day.

I asked myself while writing this article, how can I start spending more quality time with God and my children.  I know I am guilty of spending too much time on social media.  It causes my attention to be divided.  I know there are more important things to focus on, yet I get sucked into the never ending news feed.  I believe a huge part of spending quality time with our children is having an undivided attention and being involved with what they are doing.  Be intentional with your time.  I know as a mama we have so much to do during the day.  Maybe quality time means setting aside an hour during the day to specifically play and interact with our children. The tasks of the day seem never ending, and before you know it, a whole day of changing diapers, feeding children, and house chores has consumed our day.  Did we spend any quality time with our God or our children?

Just as we need to spend quality time with our children, God also desires us to spend quality time with Him during each day.  Undistracted, intentional, quality time.  In the Bible, Jesus made a point to spend undistracted time with God.  Mark 1:35 says that Jesus "rising very early
in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed."  Even though Jesus was very busy, he still made sure to spend time with God the Father.  We need to make it our priority to be spending quality time with God and our children.  I know we are all busy, but so was Jesus.  How do we expect to "bear fruit" if we are not spending quality time with God?  "Apart from (God) we can do nothing." (John 15: 4-5)

This topic has certainly been a challenge for me.  Lets work together to be more attentive to the Spirit and our children.  Set aside designated time to spend with God and intentional activities with your precious babies!  I know this wont be easy but our babies are only little for so long!  Let's make the most of the time we have for what's important!